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What makes a good friend?

Aug 24, 2013 10:14 AM | 0 comments

This month we turned to our enthusiastic McKinley Park Library volunteers to get their take on "what makes a good friend." Here is what they had to say:

A good friend is...

... someone who is trustworthy and you can depend on them

... someone who would make you happy and smile

... supportive and there for you

... funny, easy to be with

... someone who can keep secrets

... someone who doesn't really judge you

... someone you can joke with, yet still have serious deep talks with

... someone who is willing to pull all-nighters with you

... someone you can spar with, and still laugh with after you punch each other in the face

... someone who is brutally honest

... is always there to help when needed -- they will not leave you behind

... someone you could tell them anything

Here are some stories they shared about their friends:

"My best friend helps me when I am really in trouble, however he teases me while helping." - Jacky Chen, grade 10, John Dewey H.S. 

"Probably my brother is my best friend." - Kevin Rosado Santillon, Freshman at Kingsborough, Computer Coach

"One of my friends came over to my house at 4:30 AM when I told him I was bored and lonely. He came over, I made him some breakfast, and we went for a bike ride at dawn." - Ricky Jung, grade 12, Stuyvesant HS, Volunteer

"She is bubbly and funny as well as kind and supportive. Sometimes we do HW together." - Ruby Dong, grade 12, Brooklyn Tech, Computer Coach

"I met my best friend three years ago, on the bus. I kept bothering her until she talked to me - mostly knock-knock jokes! She's funny, likes to talk a lot. We go to Luna Park in Coney Island, Alpine Cinema Theater in Bay Ridge to watch movies. She's teaching me to swim too!" - Jennifer Phu, grade 9, Midwood HS, T4

"He's always smiling and not once have I seen him mad. When I don't understand something, he would always help. He tells dumb jokes but it's quite funny. Respect is one of the things that stands out. I've never heard him curse once and he has respect for everyone, no matter what. He's someone you could trust with your life." - Sammy Ruan, grade 11, Book Buddy

Below you can see some of our friendly teen volunteers:

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