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Another Great BPL Volunteer!

Sep 26, 2013 5:14 PM | 1 comment

Meet Julia Lindor, a Brooklyn Public Library volunteer mentored by Ann Joseph at the Clarendon Branch.



Favorite Book: The Color of Water by James McBride


What inspired you to work with children and other teens at Clarendon Library?

Working at the library this summer was a great experience.

I learned about setting up programs and working with children and teens.

I thought at first I may not gain the respect of fellow teens, but I was able to get them to always be part of the summer programs, especially when we were doing board games. I had fun working with the Clarendon staff, especially Ms. Ann. She made me feel very confident. I always have a big smile daily, because I Iove working at the library. As a competitive individual, I was always taught to work hard towards setting goals, and as a Book Buddy I was able to set goals as well as show my creativity in art. I love reading and helping people, and I will continue volunteering at the Clarendon Library as a Shelf Organizer. My journey through the library is always a happy one.


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10/3/2013 5:12:40 PM #

It was good to see that you had fun and grown confident in what you were doing during your time at the library. Just keep pushing forward and keep smiling.


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